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Before Initial Value

Hi all,

I'm having problems using before function. I need to create a Pivot table that has initial value for the first day and has 13 rows of data (4 dimmensions, Date horizontal and 3 details vertical). On the last row i need to calculate total and the next day must start with this final value and i will have it for 30 consecutive days. The problem is that i cant make that on script because these values has dynamic calculation when te user make selections. This Object has only one expression and it works for me only with 2 days, after that it doesn't works,

I hope that you can help me. Thks.

Hola a todos,

Estoy teniendo problemas al hacer uso de la función before. Necesito construir una tabla que tiene un valor inicial para una fecha y con base al valor inicial se calculan valores para cada uno de los registros y luego un valor total (tengo 4 dimensiones, 1 fecha por encima y 3 detalles en columnas). Lo que necesito es que al iniciar el siguiente día el valor inicial sea el valor total del día inmediatamente anterior y así sucesivamente por 30 dias. Por ahora oslo me esta funcionando con 2 días, de ahi en adelante deja de funcionar.

Espero puedan ayudarme. Gracias

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And the expression looks like...?


hi, the expression is so complex, but i made a new qvw with values and i want to calculate Saldo Inicial Using the total value of the previous date. The other important think is that Saldo Inicial row has other values for the future of my selection but i need only total of the past day. the values of saldo initial only are used to start calculations when users filter a date.