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New Contributor III

Binary Load

Hi Everyone!

I have a query that, we can be able to restrict the data on  a binary load.


A.qvw having the data

load * inline [

Year, Sales

2000, 123

2001, 234

2002, 345

2003, 456

2004, 567

2005, 678

2006, 789

2007, 891

2008, 112

2009, 121

2010, 145


If I am using the A.qvw into B.qvw (Binary <path> A.qvw) can I restrict the data so that can able to fetch the data only for the year 2006 or else 2006 or above?

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Honored Contributor II

Re: Binary Load

i guess you can't with only a binary load.
Contributor III

Re: Binary Load


Not able to restrict data while binary load. after binary load you can restrict using resident load.

Binary <path> a.qvw;

Load *

resident <tablename> where <field> ='2006';


New Contributor III

Re: Binary Load

Hi Somasundaram,

Yes, after loading the data from binary, we can restrict the data in the chart or in the script.

Is there is any possibility to restrict from the binary load.
Contributor II

Re: Binary Load


you have two choices:

load after the binary with where condition or in the app A make where condition


New Contributor III

Re: Binary Load

Hey Jsaint,

Thank you for your response!