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Block Filter From Chart


I just read many discussion on this subject and to no avail.

As the landing page in Qlik Sense I would like to display our businesses share by Province. I have 4 common filters:

1. Business Type

2. Year

3. Month

4. Province

My chart for each province is correct until a province is selected. When one province is selected all other charts go blank. As a landing page, I would like to restrict the charts on this page to not be filtered be province, but allow the other 3.

I will not list all that I have tried, but here is what I currently have in one of the charts for Ontario which is correct till an individual province is selected.

=sum(if([HHG_OrigProv] = 'ON' , HHG_Weight))

"HHG_OrigProv" is also the filter I am try to block for the charts on this page.

I believe I can you set analysis, but cannot seem to get it correct.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Specialist III
Specialist III

the equivalent set analysis  of you sum() could be



It worked.

Thank you.