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Breakdown on additional dimension on peek days each month

I want to achive the result of having a table/report showing values for just the peek dates per period (YearMonth).

By using different combinations of FirstSortedValue(), Aggr() and Max() I've been able to pinpoint the peek days and the total value for those days. Also, having the peek values of each category per day is no problem.

The tricky part (and this is what I've so far failed to resolve) is to have the value per category on only the identified peek days.

In the example, the pivot table (to the left) shows the accumulated value per all days per period and category.

I want to have only the accumulated values per period and category on the peek days (in this case only the lines for 2017-01-25 and 2017-02-12).


The table in the middle shows the accumulated values for each days, and the days that should appear in the pivot table are highlighted.

The table to the right shows a more detailed view of each day and category accumulated values.

The fields used in this example are:

- ActionPeriod (YearMonth value)

- ActionDate (dates within each period)

- ActionCategory (categories to have the breakdown values on)

- ActCounter (1 on each row to use Sum() calculation on)

Any help would be most appreciated !

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