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Contributor III
Contributor III

Bubble/Scatter charts

Hello - I have the bubble chart (see attached), the bubble represents the size of the value, however in my example visually this does not look like it's representing the values correctly - has anyone come accross this before?

To clarify, the largest value is about 35%, the second is 13%, the two bubbles don't seem appropriately sized.

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Master II
Master II

It looks like the diameters of the circles are appropriate, not the areas.

Contributor III
Contributor III

Agreed, but from a visualisation point of view I think it's a bit rubbish, I'll have to see if there is an option to get the area to represent the size and not the diameter

Master II
Master II

It looks like sqrt(sum(PROFIT)) will show the bubble size relative to the area of the bubble, but that shows the wrong pop up text values.

Not applicable

THere is a way to pop the good value :

presentation tab => desactivate pop up label

expression tab => desactivate the text as pop for sqrt(sum(PROFIT))

add a new expression (sum(PROFIT))

activate pop up label for the new expression