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Calculate Last 3 months Sales in Load Script

Hi All,

I have the requirement from one of our client. Need to take last 3 months Sales dynamically in script.

If user selects Apr 2018, Jan / Feb / Mar 2018 total sum should be derived and then Avg should be calculated.

Jan 2018 = 500

Feb 2018 = 600

Mar 2018 = 700

Total Sum = 1800

Avg = 1800/3 = 600

Target = 600 * 5%

I need your help in calculating Total sum and Avg of last three months of all selections dynamically.

It should be created in script instead of front end (Set analysis). Because after Avg calc. it will be used for Target calc.

Please help.

Thanks in Advance,


2 Replies
Specialist III
Specialist III

Re: Calculate Last 3 months Sales in Load Script

You want to do that in script? then use input variable on the UI to take the value and do a dynamic reload.

Creator III
Creator III

Re: Calculate Last 3 months Sales in Load Script


Did you got any solution for this, as I have the same requirement.

Thanks in advance.