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Calculate percentage from expressions in chart


            I am new to Qlikview and am self-learning. I am trying to calculate percentage to display against the columns in a bar chart. I have a horizontal bar chart which  displays a sum of servers reported in various tools on the bar grouped along various Operating systems. I want to display a percentage against the columns based on the value of one of the bars n the group. For e.g. if you look at the picture attached, I have ba column for CMDBCount. I want to display the percentage for the next bar , BLCount, as percentage of the CMDBCount. So if we look at the AIX group for e.g. The CMDBCount is calculated to be 1128.  the next bar for BLCount is calculated t be 760. Now I want to also display a precentage next to the BLCount as (BLCount/CMDBCount) *100, which would be (760/1120)*100. How do I go about creating an expression to get the precentage calculated?


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