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Hi Everyone!

Can anyone, please help me the transformation logic for the shared details. Where I have to calculate

1. Count of Tickets Based on creation Date

2. Count of Open Tickets based on creation Date

3. Count of Closed Tickets based on closed Date

4. Count of Closed Tickets within SLA [Within SLA are the tickets which are closed prior/equal to resolution date]

5. Count of InProgress tickets based on creation count.

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Re: Calculations


After loading data in qlik, 

Take Creation Date as Dimension and then Count(ID) as expression.

Accordingly you can change the expression - Count({<Status = {'Open'}>}ID)

Count({<Status = {'Closed'}>}ID)

Count({<Status = {'InProgress'}>}ID)

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Re: Calculations

Hi ShiveshSingh,

Can you also please help me in calculating number of tickets landed within an hour.
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Re: Calculations


Anyone can help me with the SLA. How to calculate the SLA based on creation date and resolution date
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MVP & Luminary

Re: Calculations

I think you'll want to create reference dates to cover the intervals between opening and closing dates. See this blog post for more information: https://community.qlik.com/t5/Qlik-Design-Blog/Creating-Reference-Dates-for-Intervals/ba-p/1463944

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