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Cell level formatting with Macro

Hi ,

Need help in Macros. Let me explain the scenario I am working on.

I have three charts for different regions. The requirement is to identify the clients repeated in these 3 charts and setting the background color for those rows with Green color.

I am trying to achieve this with Macro. But I am failing to set the background color Cell level.

Let me know how we can set background color at cell level.

Below is the code , which I just started doesn't cover the whole requirement.

sub ColorCode

set table = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject( "CH104" )

set prop = table.GetProperties

for RowIter = 0 to table.GetRowCount-1

       set cell = table.GetCell(RowIter,0)

       if trim(cell.Text) <> "Total"  then

     ***** Need to Set the Color here for the "Cell"***********

        end if


   prop.TableProperties.StyleNumber = -1

   table.SetProperties prop

end sub

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