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Change size text of a value in pivot table


I have this pivot table

error loading image

How can i change te size of the file if a condition is true?

for example I want to change the size of the entire row:

=if(F1=a, size 20, if(F1=b, size 16, if(F1=c, size14, size 10)))

I know that i can change the format to bold with ='<b>' in text format of the expression but how can i change the size?.

I know that i can change it with right click in the cell and selecting "customize format cell" but that change the entire dimension or the entire expression. This isn´t valid for me.

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Hi José.

I had the same situation. But I could not do it.
In pivot tables you can change the style.
In bar charts, value on Data point you can change it ¿: ='<H1>' to H6.