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Changing month by incomming parameter

Hi All,

I'm translating my QV-Doc and I would like to translate the monthnames.

I've created al CalMonthNED (this is the dutch translation of the motnhnames and is created by the monthvalues of set monthnames)

I created a dual value CalMonthEN (this is the english translation of the month)

And I also created a CalMonthNum with the numeric month.

I have an incomming parameter with Month (this could be the CalMonthNED, CalMonthEN or CalMonthNum.)

If the language is 'N' my dashboard should show the CalMonthNED. If the language is 'E' he shoould show CalMonthEN.

I've created a fieldeventtrigger so if the incomming parameter CalMonthNum is 5 he also selected the value in the CalMonthNED  and CalMonthEN.

So far so good.

But if I  will deselect the value in CalMonthNED  QV should deselect the CalMonthNum and CalMonthEN

And this is not working...

How can I do this?



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