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Chart Type Change BUG

Hello Community,

I have come across a scenario which I feel is a BUG. I am using Qlikview Version 11.20.11643.0 IR 64-bit.

Steps to Reproduce:

1) Create a simple line chart. (exp. Dimension Field having A,B and C)

2) Now navigate to Presentation Tab and at right top "Chart Scrolling", check the Enable X-axis Scrollbar and limit the number to 2. (This will show us a scroll bar in the line chart.

3) Now go back to General Tab or you can use Fast Change, to select any of the below charts:

     a) Radar Chart

     b) Mekko Chart

     c) Pie Chart

     d) Funnel Chart

4) Now the above charts will LIMIT the dimension values to the limit which we did for scrollbar above (in line chart).

If this is a valid BUG, how can I report it to QlikTech?

I would like everyone to reproduce this at there own side. Since I do not find any thought to why the scrollbar limit is linked with dimension limit for other charts.

Gysbert Wassenaar, Michael Solomovich, Community Administrator Steve Dark



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Re: Chart Type Change BUG

I would like community members to please help in me this.

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Re: Chart Type Change BUG

Can anyone please let me know the procedure to share this with Qliktech if it is a bug

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Re: Chart Type Change BUG

can u say clearly what the problem you are facing ?