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Chart with aggr function not consistent


I have a graph with dimension FECHA_GARAN_BAJA and the following expression: sum(aggr(sum(<TIPO_BAJA={HIPO}>}DISTINCT VALORACT_BAJA, NUMBIEN_BAJA))

The problem is that whenever there is no filter added, it shows the following:

Captura.PNGHowever, if I click on the day 17/10/2019 and this filter is applied


the graph changes to show another different result:

Captura2.PNGThis second result is the one I'm looking for and the right outcome of the operation. This happens not just for that day but for all the dates.

My question is: how can the graph show two different results for the same day if I'm just clicking on it and filtering by its own dimension (FECHA_GARAN_BAJA)? How can I get it to show the right results even when I'm not applying the filter?

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Digital Support

Re: Chart with aggr function not consistent

Alex, I am definitely no guru on this one, but here is a Design Blog post that I think may potentially help explain things a bit further:


The other thing I did just notice though, you seem to be missing a left { in the expression you posted, just FYI, not sure how things should be working if you do not have it correct in your actual expression...  Sorry I do not have anything better for you.  May need to attach the QVW on this one too in order for folks to be able to see the data model etc. too in order to try to figure out why things are not consistent for you.


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