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Churn Report Question

I am trying to construct a chart for a churn example.

The definition I'm trying to meet is to show the count of all customers lost.

So, that would be the customers who had no revenue in the current year but did have revenue in the previous year.

I've tried something like:


AccountNumber_AdBase-={"=SUM(AGGR(SUM({<$(mod_CY)>} $(NetRevenue)), [Revenue Market], AccountNumber_AdBase))>0"}>}

DISTINCT AccountNumber_AdBase)

where mod_PY and mod_CY target previous and current years respectively. The thing that is killing me is that the outer dimension is not respected when making the calculation.  For example, if I have a customer that appears in two different Revenue Markets (the outer dimension), and in one of these he has revenue in the current year and in another Revenue Market he does not, he is still excluded in both Revenue Markets.

Any thoughts on how to do this type of counting?

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Master III
Master III

Not sure but can you try adding {<$(mod_CY)>} in outer SUM as well?