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Circular Reference Issue


Hope everyone is doing well.

We are having problems with circular reference in our Data Model.

We are working on modelling our inventory control system and are having problems with a table which is common to all the tables.

We have two Tables - crmReason and crmStage which are linked to all the different stages during our inventory process.

PurchaseOrder, WorkOrderPackage, WorkOrder, JobOrderPackage, JobOrder.  In turn these tables are linked to each other.

WorkOderPackage -> PurchaseOrder

WorkOrder -> WorkOderPackage

JobOrderPackage -> WorkOrder

JobOrder -> JobOrderPackage

So when we try to link them with the crmReason and crmStage it is giving Circular Reference Error.

How can we over come this situation? How can we define the model such that we are able to show the Reason and the Stage for PO, WOP, WO, JOB ....

Will appreciate if someone can assist us.



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Re: Circular Reference Issue

Re: Circular Reference Issue

You could merge the commonly use tables into one table , so it will act as the common reference table for other tables check this article

Circular References

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Circular Reference Issue


To remove circular references following are the options

- Concateante Tables

- Link Table

- Renaming Fields

- Qualify

- Composite Key

- Joining the tables

Choosing the above options depends on the data, if you attach some sample data and your expected result then it would be easier to provide solution.