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Classification using operators

Hey guys,

I have some Excels with classifications like the following one:

Field1Field2Field3Field4Concat KeyResult

What I do is:

  • Create a concat key using fields from my dataset -> Field1&|&Field2&|&Field3&|&Field4 as Concat
  • Store Concat Key and Result fields from Excel file into variables
  • Apply a Pick+Wildmatch function

In fact, I am using "mappingwithwildcards.qvw" from Downloads - Rob Wunderlich Qlikview Consulting website.

The BIG issue is with this classification:

Field1Field 2Field 3Field 4Field 5Result
= N<> Y= Entity7= 0.5= NLine20
<> N= N<> Entity1<> 0= YLine30

I managed to separate the operator and the value like:


But now I have no idea on how to perform the matching. I can not simply modify the excel file lane by lane adding new rows for ALL the possible values because some fields have more than 50 different values... Nor using a concat key because operator can not be interpreted. It should be something dynamic.

Keep in mind that all the fields used in the Excel classification DO exist in my dataset. And the classification output must be Result value.

Any help would be really appreciated!

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Re: Classification using operators

Any idea?