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Clear fields for some tabs, keep some fields for other tabs


Multiple sheets having certain relation to each other.  To illustrate: sheet 1,2,3 are related, sheet  4 is unrelated, sheet  5 and 6 are related with each other and to top it off, sheet  7 is partially related to 1,2,3.


When moving to another related tab fields should stay selected. When moving to an unrelated tab fields should be cleared. When moving to a partially related tab 5 fields (of the 100+) should be kept selected. I saw this thread:

Clear all Selections except few fields

Where the solution (from Michiel van de Goor) is:

On active sheet I set 3 triggers:

Select in field  <Year>   with the expression: =GetFieldSelections(Year)

Select in  field ....

Select in field ....

for each dimension I want to keep selected.

Which could be a solution for the partial related sheet. Is there way of scripting the clear all fields function depending from which tab it arrived?