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Column separators in pivot table and double header in straight table

Hi there,

I'm having a layout issue.

I have some data (Sales, Growth, Delta Growth, Share) to show per period (MTH, RQTR, YTD and MAT), but the customer wants the table to be displayed with two headers, one with the Period and below, the type of data (So that is not needed to display Sales MTH, Sales RQTR, and just Sales below the correct Period). Plus, a separator is needed between the periods.

My case is that I can make the searators with blank columns in a straight table, but in the straight table I can't make the double header.

In a dynamic table (pivot table) I can make the double header, but can't make the separator correctly.

I need in the same object (it can be both the straight and dynamic table):

- Periods header above other headers

- Period group separator

Following attached is an example of my problem.

Thanks in advance

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How about this?



Hi Sunny, thanks again for the help

That's almost it. The solution you proposed fits, but the separator column remains too large. The end object would have 4 KPIs (Sales, Growth, Delta Growth and Share), so it would be nice if the separator could be as thin as possible (as in the sample file I sent).

I'm trying to do a third layer as the inline tables you created on script. On any update I'll post back here.

Thanks, again


I was concerned about the big gap as well, but was not able to get it fixed. May be you can share with us when you are able to get it fixed


Check this link out:

Line seperator


Hi Macros

Try put in a 3rd expression with ' ' then coloring the expression white() and then label with a space.


2016-09-30 14_20_12-QlikView x64 - Evaluation Copy - [C__Users_ttw_Downloads_ValueList.qvw_].png


I tried some stuff using the links and ideas you guys provided, but got to no real solution, just some workarounds.

For the image below, the problem is that thre's no way to set the pivot table's row border color (just the column border color through custom cell format -> before/after cell border, this behavior is different in dimensions and expressions), so it's necessary to use the separator with the default color, which is RGB(220,220,220).


This shows part of the problem:

Pivot table border color

stalwar1‌ increasing the border thickness as in the link you suggested does part of the job, but the headers doesn't get the expected result. In the attached file, I used this in the first table. One of the inner columns gets the border thickened or, none of them. I didn't found a way to set them separately.


Hi Sunny,

I saw your examples, but can i have something like this

Sales will have three diff sub heading with three colmn's and Budget with 2.


Sales            Budget