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Compare data between to period

Hi everybody,

I'm writing to solicit your help for a qlikview report.

I would like to know if what i need is possible, what's the best way and charts to do this.

My goal :

I have a historical table in which i insert unpaid customer's informations.
I have a DATE_INSERT field for the insert date.
If i have to date 17/09/2019 and 18/09/2019, I would like to analyze customer's evolution between these two dates.
I would like to know if there are the same customers in the two dates and the evolution of the unpaid bills.

thanks a lot.

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Re: Compare data between to period

Try to create a table where customer is your dimension and these two measures 

=Sum(  {<




=Sum(  {<




You should adjust the aggregation to fit your data, it could be sum(UnpaidAmount) as above but even Count(BillID) or similar. 

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Re: Compare data between to period

You can create a Grid or Bar chart with multi dimension ( Date , Customer) and expression as unpaid bills for your view 


Re: Compare data between to period

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