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Creator II
Creator II

Comparing the existing and new excel and highlight the difference!

I want to compare the data of existing excel and new excel side by side and highlight the difference. The column name of the existing and new excel will be same. Only values may be different. I want to highlight only those columns which are different from the existing one using a QV document.

Can someone please help me out on this?

Thanks in advance!

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Let's say the first excel file is X1, and the second is X2.

When you load add a field:



  'X1' as fileNum

From .... (From X1)




  'X2' as fileNum

From .... (From X2)

Now you have une table containing both files values,the values comeing from the first one are marked with X1, from the secont with X2

Build a chart where expression are built in this way

Expression1: Sum({$<fileNum={'X1'}>} myValue) this is from X1

Expression2: Sum({$<fileNum={'X2'}>} myValue) this is from X2

Now you have 2 expression (Add your dimension) side by side as you need

Creator II
Creator II

I don't have values in the any of the columns. All are text only. Please suggest!