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Re: Complicated selections--set analysis?


See attached. First, in script, i need to use a Binary to run script, so you will need to move from line 3 to 10 at the end of your script.

It create two inputfields in testdata table.

Now, you need to create a tablebox with these fields, to let the user set the ranges of scores. Finally, use a pivot or sthaigt table to show the results.

Let me know if it was useful for you.

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Re: Complicated selections--set analysis?

Thanks, Sebastian, I like the to-from fields added to the table.  I'll work on this and see what I can do.  I appreciate your help!

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Re: Complicated selections--set analysis?

I've made some progress on this, but I've hit another sticking point and I hope somebody can help me.  I can now identify the people who had scores in certain ranges.  But what I ultimately want to do is to show the scores for another test for these people.  I'm just using the initial set of tests to identify the people I want to look at.  Please take a look at the attached--I'm sure set analysis can help me, but for the life of me I can't figure it out.

Thanks to all!!!!