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Connecting to Server not on domain via UNC in Load Script

Hi All,

We have an internal server that houses our internal QV server.  This is where we serve up our internal dashboards.  We are implementing a SSO solution on a different server not on the same domain, running another instance of QV.  Both the internal and external applications have the same data sources.  We build a set of QVDs daily, and use those to reload the documents on the internal server.  We would like to use these same QVDs to reload the external document, as well. 

What this means is that the server that is not on the domain needs access to the internal server on the domain.  If the servers were on the same domain, it would be easy.  But they aren't and can't be due to security requirements.  Is there a way inside the load script to specify the internal server, say by UNC, and provide the credential so that it can access the shared drive where the QVDs reside?  Or is there another way to access these files from inside QlikView to make this work?

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