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Consildating Data from Multiple Data Sources


I have the following senario

There 4 severs on our network, on each server there could be anything from 1 to 6 databases in each server.

I am trying to get data from all servers all databases and then consolidate them.

I have a master database where we keep a list of each server,database etc....

We have a very limited window period to extract the data from the live databases.

In order to speed up the process i think i need to have 4 separate jobs so we can hit the production servers all in one go and then build one qvd which merges all the data.

I am looking for a way to

In each of the 4 Extractors

We will know which extractor is for which server,

I then load the data from my master database, which provides me with a list of the databases on that corresponding server.

I need some advise and help to put together a script

which will allow me to loop through the list and get data from each of the databases...

Any help will be appreciated.