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Copy Object to a New Document

Hello guys, i have a question, can i copy a object of one document and paste this object in a new document ?


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Re: Copy Object to a New Document


Yes, its possible..


For example, if you copy a list box contains Product - Field Name from one dashboard and copy it to another one.. In that document, there is no field as Product, then its does not work.

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Re: Copy Object to a New Document

Yes Jesus you can do that

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Re: Copy Object to a New Document

Hi Jesus,

Yes you can copy object from one file to another file, if all the Dimensions and Measures exists in the new file then the chart will load, otherwise you need to need change the dimensions according to the new file.  You can just copy and paste using Ctrl + C and Ctrl + v.

Hope this helps you.



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Re: Copy Object to a New Document

Yes Jesus, it possible. But make sure you have similar column names in both the documents for which you are trying to copy. You can either right click on the sheet object/chart and say copy to clipboard->object and paste it or the regular Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V will work.



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Re: Copy Object to a New Document

Hey yeah it is possible.

Condition: The data loaded in one document or application should be present in the other also.

you can copy  paste the objects.

Remember: If Variables used in one document wont get copied it to other so you need to define the variables when copied into other document

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Re: Copy Object to a New Document

Do the following.

1. place your cursor on top of the object which you want to copy.

2. right click and select copy to clipboard -> object

3. then go to desired sheet and again right click and select paste sheet object.