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Corrupted QVD: how to restore data?


I have an issue with a QVD file where we store history of data. Recently it got "corrupted" on our server (not sure why or how) and most of the data that was present in it is not showing anymore in Qlikview (meaning I had 52 weeks of history and now I can only see 4). Our app has been running for more than a year and nothing particular happened on the server (no upgrade, no change in the qlikview app)

In the header of the QVD file I can see <NoOfRecords>2355006</NoOfRecords> but when I load the QVD file in qlikview I only have access to 172032 lines.

The size of this QVD is 150MB: if I load it in Qlikview Developper (11.20 SR4 x64) and use the STORE command to save it under a new name the file size drop to only 27MB and the header of the new file does say <NoOfRecords>172032</NoOfRecords> (so I guess this field is accurate): it makes me think that a big part of the data is still in the original QVD file but cannot be read from Qlikview.

Is there a way to access the full set of data in the QVD in order to save it and restore it?

Thanks for your help