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Count records which are equal to firstsortedvalue?

Good day all... 

was wondering if anyone was able to help me in a complex chart expression that i do not know if it is possible but will ask the question and move on to something else if it is not possible... 

so what i am trying to achieve is: finding the amount of times a specific name appears in my data set which would be equal to the first sorted value, so based on the total sales by an employee in a straight table i can find that User1 has 700 sales across 400 order lines and user 2 has 500 sales across 200 order lines. therefore user1 is returned as first sorted user with most sales, but what i want to then do is also return the number 400 as thats the amount of order lines that is within the data so that i can work out that user1 has 67% of the total order lines by dividing the 400 by the total sales for a particular customer.

does anyone know of a possible solution to this answer... i have been using the below to find the highest user by sales but cannot work out how to then show the 400.


=FirstSortedValue(SalesAgent,-aggr(sum(Total Sales),Customer,SalesAgent)) - finds User1 but now i need to find the 400 rows for this user also


any help would be fantastic.. 

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Hi All, 

im looking for some further help on the app that @sunny_talwar has helped hugely with...

i am looking to create as on the app a scatter plot showing by customer the Qty purchased and the Min price they have paid where the most amount of time by total QTY

for example Customer1 has achieved a price of 256.289 on a sum of 667 times of quantity which is the bigest by quantity. so although not the minimum price they have paid its the highest by quantity... 

so i need the scatter and the table to reflect this price for the customer regardless of selection

i also want the Scatter chart to show all these values regardless of the selected customer (ideally i would like to then highlight all plots grey apart from the selected customer of which i would like to turn red to highlight selected customer on the chart)


not sure if any of this is possible, and any help would be gratefully received




seriously am blown away yet again!!! thank you thats incredible



HI all,

me again on this same depressing issue haha.,.. 

on this complicated aggr function thanks to @sunny_talwar  i would like to incorporate some set analysis to look at dates also...

so i would like the logic to look for differences between the last 12 months and the previous 12 months to show the variation across the 2 12 month periods..

so the same as this but with PurchaseDate >12 months ago as 1 expression to show current 12 months:

Min({<Customer>} total <Customer>
Aggr(If(Only({<Customer>}PricePaid) = FirstSortedValue({<Customer>} TOTAL <Customer> PricePaid, -Aggr(Sum({<Customer>}[Quantity]), Customer, PricePaid)),
Only({<Customer>}PricePaid)), Customer, PricePaid))

and the same logic then showing the previous 12 months before that.

any help would be great thank you



Would you be able to create a new thread and elaborate with an example as to what you have and what you look to get?