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Counting Pareto Classes in seperate Chart

Hi there Qlik Community,

i created a Pareto Analysis in a stright table.

My goal ist to count the number of produtcs, which are accountable for 50 % of total Sales.

Forthermore i would like to count products which make up 50-80 and more then 80 % of total sales.

I exported my table to Excel and i am expecting

A 22

B 22

C 89

i tried different Expressions from the Recepies found on Qlik Blog

Recipe for a Pareto Analysis


Recipe for an ABC Analysis

but i can't get the right results.

I really would appriciate some help.

I attached my sample file!

So long and thanks for any feedback,


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Re: Counting Pareto Classes in seperate Chart

I think that's quite the hardest task you could have chosen.

The straight table with the ABC classification only works because you sorted the table by sum(Sales) desc.

When you want to use the classification in an advanced aggregation like

= aggr(

        If(RangeSum(Above(Sum(SalesAmount),1,RowNo())) / Sum(total SalesAmount) <= 0.5, 'A',

         If(RangeSum(Above(Sum(SalesAmount),1,RowNo())) / Sum(total SalesAmount) <= 0.8, 'B', 'C'))

     , ProductName)

in a calculated dimension, the dimension of that advanced aggregation will be ordered by load order, not by sum(Sales) desc, thus will not work like expected.

Unfortunately, I don't have an easy front end solution for you.


This is not easy, but may show a way to go:

ABC Analysis to set and remember classification at runtime