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Creation of Server Objects - Unchecking

I want to make sure I fully understand this feature (attached). I want to shut off the ability for the user to create any objects (charts, list boxes, etc) in Access Point. If I Uncheck this is:

1. What happens to objects the User has already created?

2. What about Bookmarks?

3. Will this indeed make it so ANY user on Access Point will not be able to create something?

4. Any other ramifications of doing this?


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Re: Creation of Server Objects - Unchecking

  • They will be hidden (i.e; they won't show up in the AP, but the QMC will still list them).
  • Bookmarks can always be created, whether or not you enable this checkbox.
  • Yes, you will disable server objects system-wide (i.e. for all users and all documents), even if they were previously enabled for specific documents. [Edit] Sorry about that. Levi's right. Your screenshot shows the document-related setting which enables/disables server objects for this particular document only.
  • In what area? You will effectively disable QlikView self-service BI.



Re: Creation of Server Objects - Unchecking

1. They still exist in the .Shared file that accompanies the .QVW

2. Bookmarks are user objects. Any config changes will affect them as well.

3. That particular change is for one .QVW so it will change things for that .QVW. A universal setting is in QMC > System > Setup > QlikView Server > Documents > Allow Server Objects

4. That's up to you and your user-base. Many users like the ability to create charts / bookmarks, but they can cause stability issues. So it's a balancing act.


Re: Creation of Server Objects - Unchecking

Oh wait, the situation is more complex.

The global setting is called "Allow Server Objects". Disabling this setting will block all users from creating any server objects on any document and will hide all existing server objects.

The document-specific setting is called "Allow Creation of Server Objects". Disabling just this one (while the global setting is still enabled) will only block users from creating new objects for this document. However the existing ones will stay put and remain visible in the AP.

I don't seem to be able to disable the creation of bookmarks in the AP, whatever the combination of checkbox settings...