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Cumulative Pivot Table

Hi all,

in the QlikView attachment there is a pivot table with a horizontal dimension. I would like to have the expression to be cumulative.

Can anybody help me out on this one?

Thx in advance!


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Re: Cumulative Pivot Table

I think before you might be able to do anything, you will need to populate the missing data..... what I mean is that all those places where you see white spaces, the combination doesn't exist in the database... you will need to create them and may be assign them a value of 0 for Bedrag.


Re: Cumulative Pivot Table

See here on how you can generate missing data

Generating Missing Data In QlikView

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Re: Cumulative Pivot Table

i think this would be the right Expression for your case:

=rangesum(sum(Bedrag),Before(TOTAL sum(Bedrag)),1,rowno(TOTAL))