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Current Date - Previous Date on same Line Chart

Dear All,

Hope everyone is doing well

We have a requirement to show Current Week and Previous week on the Same line chart.  I have built a master calendar. Please see the attached image

For e.g Current Date = Jan 17, 2015

Our week - Sunday to Saturday

Current Week = Jan 11 - Jan 17

Previous Week = Jan 4 - Jan 10

We need to show the Current Week and Previous Week on the same chart

Also how can we do the same for

* Current Day - Previous Day

* Current Month - Previous Month



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Contributor II
Contributor II

Re: Current Date - Previous Date on same Line Chart

Hi Syed;

I used the following method:

I give you the example for "Present Month" - "Last Month" - "Before Last Month":

First step:  Variables Definition

vPresent_Month= Month (Today())

vLast_Month= Month(AddMonths(Today(),-1))


Second step: Establish the expressions (in my case i count Activated SIM's for the 3 monthes)

a) Expresion for Present Month:

=Count ({$<ActivationMonth={$(vPresent_Month)}>}DISTINCT SIM)

b) Expresion for Last Month:

=Count ({$<ActivationMonth={$(vLast_Month)}>}DISTINCT SIM)

c) Expresion for Month "before the Last"

=Count ({$<ActivationMonth={$(vBeforeLast_Month)}>}DISTINCT SIM)

This expressions can be used in ein Simple Table or in a chart...


The dimension... in my case are geographical regions..... (State - City - County)

You can use for example: ProductID.... SalesRep... etc...

In the Load Script i use:

Month (Activation_Date) as ActivationMonth,


For Day o Week... is easier... because you can use the Date or Week Number

I hope that help you

Regards. gustavo