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Current Fiscal Year, Prior Year and Future 3 Months


Currently i'm trying to display the report of Prior Fiscal Year (Oct 1 2015 - Sep 30 2016), Current Fiscal Year (Oct 1 2016 - Sep 30 2017) and future 3 months after the current fiscal year ends (6 months after Sep 30 2017 is from Oct 1 2018 - Mar 31 2019)

I'm currently using the below start and end date variables in fiscal calendar.

SET vFiscalYearStartMonth = 10;

LET vStartDate = Num(YearStart(Today(), -1,10));

LET vEndDate = Num(YearEnd(Today(),1));

Can someone help me in getting the future 6 months every time when we reload the fiscal calendar.

That means if we run the report today, vEndDate should be Dec 31 2017, if we run the report on Sep 1 2017, it should be loaded till Mar 31 2018.

Please help me on the same?

Please let me know if this is not clear, i will try my best to explain further.

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Re: Current Fiscal Year, Prior Year and Future 3 Months

This is not clear sorry.

Can you explain how far you want to cast forward as today - december 17 is 15 months and sept 17 - march 18 is 18 months?

Neither are the future 6 months....