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Current vs Previous term - Urgent help if possible!!


I am creating a dashboard, and one of the features I want to implement is to have a page where it shows the total GWP for the Max Policy and the previous Policy, and to have the comparison.

Sum({<PolicyEffectiveDateCh = {"$(=Max(PolicyEffectiveDateCh))"}>} GrossWrittenPremium) - I currently am using this expression which calculates what I want, but only when I select a certain Policy. When I have not made a selection, the sum is not correct.

Sum({<PolicyEffectiveDateCh = {"$(=Max(PolicyEffectiveDateCh)-1)"}>} GrossWrittenPremium) - When I try this - I wanted to select the Max Policy Effective Date -1 to select the record before the Max record, however the output comes as 0, when I select a certain policy or when I have no selections?

Once I have these calculations, I am able to do the comparison between the two. Can anyone help me do a total GWP for each Max record of PolicyNumber? and then the prior record GWP?


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Digital Support
Digital Support

Have a look at the following Design Blog posts, believe they should be helpful on this one:



Here is the base link to the Design Blog area in case you want to search further on your own:



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Contributor III
Contributor III


Try this

Sum({<PolicyEffectiveDateCh = {"$(=Max(PolicyEffectiveDateCh,2))"}>} GrossWrittenPremium)