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Contributor II

Custom connector and Direct Discovery

Hello Guys! I've created custom simple connector and trying to use it with Direct Discovery. I've created DIRECT QUERY in script and has successfully loaded data. But in Chart i have no calulated data (my expression looks like SUM(Field) ).

My direct query looks like: 

Direct Query



From MyTable;

My connector recognise all sql requests. How columns should be named in response for sql query? what should i send in response for sql query recieved from Qlik? (I know about QVX format and have SDK documentation). Right now i send all data as i do it with sql select * from MyTable. But i have no result. What am i missing?

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Contributor II

Re: Custom connector and Direct Discovery

I've found solution for the problem.  If you use MEASURE Field and aggregation function in a chart, you will need to specify valid type: QVX_SIGNED_INTEGER, QVX_UNSIGNED_INTEGER, QVX_IEEE_REAL.

In my case i've specified QVX_TEXT, so i have no valid result. That was the problem.

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