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Custom mapping

Hi all,

Does anyone know of either a plugin or a suggestion on how I could implement a custom "map".

I would basically like to have an image, for example of a football stadium/train etc, something where I have seat allocations.

Based on this image, I would like to have data that maps to this image, I assume based on co-ordinates etc.

Is this something that could be implemented within QS?

Thanks for your comments


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Re: Custom mapping

You can use a scatter graph with fixed x,y co-ordinates over a background image if that is what you want. All you need to do is ensure that you have adequate co-ordinates for the data you are trying to display. Also as a warning, I know from experience that trying to keep these sorts of things up to date can be a major pain as it is almost always a totally manual dataset

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Re: Custom mapping

Hi Imtiaz,

you could implement it, but depending on which type of client (or browser) your users view this app, the layout might be slightly askant - that cannot be helped afaIk, it is not possible to fix the layout as in a pdf document ...

What I'm thinking of is simply using the picture of the stadium or whatever as a background, then using a textbox for every seat and making this light up in dependency of certain conditions.

I do not know of any easier method. It would be great if there were extensions where you could have a picture and then just subdivide that picture into certain "textbox_areas" and they would shrink or grow depending on the client, so they would always fit the picture ...


Best regards,


Re: Custom mapping

You can create a custom map using an image with the SVG Map extension.

Have a look here



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Re: Custom mapping

Thanks all - seems like this is a lengthy challenge and something I will need to determine warrants such time on.