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Custom popup labels not displaying properly

I'm trying to create customized popup labels using the technique shared on these forums (http://community.qlik.com/media/p/78614.aspx).

This is something I've done before but for whatever reason it's not working in this particular application. The upper chart shows the popup label but doesn't format the number as I have set it on the Number tab. The lower chart simply doesn't show any popup labels.

The critical part of this exercise isn't just showing popup labels with the expression value displayed, but rather being able to put custom text before the expressions so the popup label is actually useful for the end user.

Thanks in advance for the help!


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Custom popup labels not displaying properly

For the first issue, just change the pop-up expression to this: ='KPI Score : ' & num( [KPI],'#,##0.00')

For the second issue, I was able to make it work if I promoted the pop-up above the line expression. Not sure why.

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Custom popup labels not displaying properly

Hi Tom

One more point on the bottom chart, you have another pop-up which is supposed to be showing Month, but it's in a separate expression, I don't think this will work for you so you have to join that to the first pop-up, change the expression to something like this:

='KPI Score: ' & (1-( (Sum(QuestionnaireResponseField.Score)) / (Sum(QuestionnaireResponseField.WorstScore)) ))*100 & chr(13) &
'Month: ' & QuestionnaireCalendar.MonthYear

The other thing I do is to put a border top & bottom of the pop-up, Qlikview has a very annoying habit of automaitcally cutting off text without any real logic applied, so the purpose of putting the border is two-fold:

It makes it look a little nicer.

Text is not cut off because the border is a long one.

So my pop-up would look like this:

='~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~' & chr(13) &
'KPI Score: ' & (1-( (Sum(QuestionnaireResponseField.Score)) / (Sum(QuestionnaireResponseField.WorstScore)) ))*100 & chr(13) &
'Month: ' & QuestionnaireCalendar.MonthYear & chr(13) &

Hope it helps,


Re: Custom popup labels not displaying properly


I want to do this also. I have 2 expressions, one with the value 1, and one with the pop-up label.

The problem is that I only want to see the pop-up label and not the 1.

I tried to disable the pop-up label on the expression tab, but it is still visible.

Anyone who knows what I have to do.