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Cycle Group not available in Edit Expression


Qlikview newbie here. I've created a cycle group of Year, Month, and Day that an item was entered called DateCycleGroup. I've then created a stacked bar chart with this cycle group and the type of item as dimensions. I then want to have the bars all add up to 100% and for the % of each type's quantity sold to to be divided amongst this 100%. So I want to have an expression something like Sum(item_quantity_sold)/Sum(TOTAL <DateCycleGroup> item_quantity_sold).

My problem is my cycle group does not seem to be accessible in the Edit Expression window so I've got a red line under DateCycleGroup when I enter the above expression. Cycle groups should be available to be used in expressions shouldn't they? None of the cycle groups I have set up appear to be accessible from the Edit Expression window. I suspect I'm missing something quite obvious!

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Re: Cycle Group not available in Edit Expression

I do believe that cycle groups only work for the dimensions.

There is a way to get the % for the types of quantity sold. and have it add to 100%.

If you have the dates as the dimension (cycle group), then you can put the formula you have as the expression and filter for each type in different expressions.


Exp 1:  Sum({<Type=Item1>} item_quantity_sold)/Sum(TOTAL item_quantity_sold)

Exp 2:  Sum({<Type=Item2>} item_quantity_sold)/Sum(TOTAL item_quantity_sold)

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Re: Cycle Group not available in Edit Expression

Hi Crystles,

I am new to Qlikview; I found your post very helpful; as it relates to NOT being able to reference Cycle Group in Expressions. Do you have an example of how this would work; once the two expressions is added; such as (.qvw) or snapshot of the conditions?  I did what you suggested and created two expressions for each dimension type within the Dim Cycle Group.  Is there additional step, such as configuring the conditions to know which expression to show based on the active dimension selected within the DimCycleGroup?



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Re: Cycle Group not available in Edit Expression

Hi ,

You can use something like this: