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Cyclic Group IF Statement Expression


I need of some help.

I have a chart with a Cyclic group dimension. The cyclic group contains 5 dimensions in which one of them is an expression.

In expression I have created an If statement is used to calculate the Sales Person as depending on the Company selected the Sales Person is taken from User ID1 or User ID3.

The if statement is:

If(Company = 'France', [User ID1], [User ID3])

This appears to work fine and when I select France and view the cyclic group by the Sales Person I get the correct results. However as soon as I select a Sales Person the chart shows a completely different and incorrect sales figure.

I figured out why this is happening from the current selections box. As soon as I select a Sales Person that person is selected in both [User ID1]  and [User ID3]. If I clear the [User ID3] selection then I get the correct results. I have added in list box's for both User ID's and selected the Sales Person from each list box and it works fine so I believe the issues lies with the Cyclic Group if statement expression.

Any help on this is much appreciated?



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Re: Cyclic Group IF Statement Expression


Why do you have separate user id fields ? Where do you select Sales Person ?

Could you share an example ?