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Cyclic Group Scroll bar

Hi All,

I have seen a few posts in regards to Cyclic groups and scroll bars, but none have been able to help me solve my current situation. 

I currently have a cyclic group where you are able to drill through Year, Month Year, Quarter Year, and eventually Week Year. I have been having problems with my scroll bar location while switching between each of the levels. For each level I want it to show the most recent date, but right now for my Quarter Year level, it shows the most current year, but when I move to the Month Year level, the scroll bar is in the middle of the dates. 

So far, I have tried to recreate the chart, move the scroll bar manually and saved the application, and unchecked and rechecked the 'Reverse' option for the scrollbar, yet none have worked. Has anyone had this issue before? If so, how did you go about fixing it? 

I greatly appreciate the help!



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Re: Cyclic Group Scroll bar

Rose, have a look at the following post, hopefully you had not run across this, it might help move things ahead for you...



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