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DOC Cal information

Where do I find a the information for DOC Cals on our server.  I need to see who is accessing models with DOC Cals.

And also the list of Named CAL users.

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Re: DOC Cal information

Hi Bradley,

you will find CAL information on the QMC under 'System' and then 'Licenses', this will give you the basic list of named CAL's and last access etc.

For more detailed analysis of who is accessing what document with a CAL you will need to look at the session logs

hope that helps


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Re: DOC Cal information

Thanks for your quick response Joe.

I actually meant without the QMC. 

Re: DOC Cal information

Doc CAL information is only available per document.

You can however configure your server to output Cal information as XML data with the PgoAsXmlAlso setting. Normally, the server stores this information as a binary .PGO object.

See License_Analyser_K3FDS.qvw for more information. The license analyser uses the same technique to obtain CAL information:



Re: DOC Cal information


You may even look at below app