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DST Hadling in Qlikview

Hi All,

I'm working on a small project where I need to handle DST transistion dates. For example, consider the sample data set. At 26th October 02:00 hours, we have two sets of records. One belongs to CET timezone and other belongs to CEST timezone.


1. In such case, how to represent 02:00 hrs data in chart? What is the general standards? Should I take aggregate of the two sets of records per manufacturer/brand or drop one of the sets. I like to know the general standards followed.

2. Another question is what if I like to represent both 02:00 CET and 02:00 CST on line chart like below image. What change I should make?


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Re: DST Hadling in Qlikview

Add a timezone field - this would probably be a lookup of some sort and use the hours() function for hours display as per enclosed. I have added the hours() to the script as you may wish to create days/weeks/months etc. too

I have attached an answer - Hope it helps


Re: Re: DST Hadling in Qlikview


Have a look at these QlikView functions :