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Daily chart which keeps historical refresh data

Hi - I've developed a daily qvw which is linked to our live database, pulling through information on waiting times for a number of health groups within the hospital.  The qvw is refreshed 3 times a day through our informatics team.

What I'd like to show is a 'live' chart which tracks key info (as defined in expressions within the qvw etc) which updates and the results of each refresh is added to the chart.  Then, the following day, same happens again, chart gets refreshed and gets updated but the data from yesterday stays on the chart, despite the data effectively being overwritten by the refreshed daily feed.

Tricky one to explain, but basically I need a daily chart which gets updated on a daily basis when it's refreshed / reloaded - that data is then 'kept' by the chart and still present on the chart when the data gets re-loaded the next day, and the next day etc. etc.

Any ideas?  Many thanks.