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Daily fact table loads...

What is best/recommended method to handle loading facts from day to day?

For example, orders and order detail is loaded for a customer but the next day there are no new orders and we want to trend order activity from day to day.

I don't want to duplicate all the old facts again but we want to see the trend "flatline"

If one day I get 100 new orders I want to see that spike in the trendline.

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Re: Daily fact table loads...

Shouldn't this be done by tracking something like 'OrderDate'?

Or maybe I just don't understand what you are after and how your data looks like...


Re: Daily fact table loads...

Maybe you are looking for something like an Incremental LOAD approach?

Using QVD files for incremental load ‒ QlikView

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Re: Daily fact table loads...


I should be supriced if the ordertabel dont contain some kind of status on the order. You should here see when (date) the status is changed on every order.