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Data changing when deploying application

Hi Friends,

I have one issue ,

When i am checking my qvw file data is coming correct and when i deploying same file at server and seeing from access point , data is gone change.

As my qvw has section access , so i have removed section access and deployed data is coming correct.

But when i apply section access and opening qvw file manually , it is showing correct data , but seeing from browser it is showing wrong data .

Can you please help me out here.

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Re: Data changing when deploying application

what are the restriction in your section access.

check the the section access restriction one by one.


Re: Data changing when deploying application

When deplyoing on the server, are you reloading the QVW?

If so, have you added the service account user to section access with rights to see all data?

If you don't reload on server, are you sure you are using the same user account when comparing the opening of the application locally and on accesspoint?

Re: Data changing when deploying application

Strange, are you sure your area deploying same application which you area checking the same file on local client.

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Re: Data changing when deploying application


Please give unrestricted access(ADMIN) to you in Section access script and check once.

Also In your desktop, you can see all the data -  immediately after reload (section access will not be applied).

But once you save and reopen the document, section access will be applied.

If section access is your problem, now (after save and reopen) you will be seeing same data in desktop as you are seeing in Access point (Assuming same data source).