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Data extraction issue - date format

In database, date is 27-03-14 but when I am extracting the same through QV the date format is getting changed to 03/14/2027.

Note: There are multiple date formats present in the DB and there are multiple date columns present in the script if i change the default setting of date format then it will be applicable for all.

I have to correct the above mentioned date format only.

If anyone have the idea how to sort out this situation then please share the solution.

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Re: Data extraction issue - date format

you could try with loading like

Date(Date#('27-03-14','DD-MM-YY')) as YourDateField

hope this helps



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Re: Data extraction issue - date format

First check your main script

SET DateFormat = 'DD-MM-YYY'

and then while loading use

Date(Date#('27-03-14','DD-MM-YY')) as YourDateField

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Re: Data extraction issue - date format

You do not have to change your default environmental setting to get the date format you're willing.

Read more about function Date# https://help.qlik.com/en-US/qlikview/12.0/Subsystems/Client/Content/Scripting/InterpretationFunction...

and Date https://help.qlik.com/en-US/qlikview/12.0/Subsystems/Client/Content/Scripting/date-time-interpretati...

For example my default Date setting is:

SET DateFormat='YYYY.MM.DD';

But in case DB provides date like 30102010 I can write an expression:

=Date(Date#('30102010', 'DDMMYYYY'), 'DD-MM-YY')