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Contributor II

Data model Issue

Hi All,

Please find the attached excel file and Qvw file for reference of my tasks.please help us in the data model, the data is not reflecting when i am associate to year field but when associate to year and month the data got wrong..

In the 1st tab should always display the previous month’s(technically) or latest month’s value(Feb 2016 from the sheet).

For ex :

SIM customer service score should display 87 and by clicking on it should show the YTD values (April 2015to Feb 2016)

Task 2 :

Some of the KPI’s you can see the values are cumulative means they are summed up every month

Ex: Customer contacts about drinking water quality

In this case let’s take it linearly

Target for the Year is 3000 so the target for months will be like this 3000/12

Apr- 250

May – 500

Jun – 750

Jul - 1000

Aug - 1250

Sep - 1500




Jan – 2500

Feb - 2750


This should be achieved for the below KPIs

Customer contacts about drinking water quality

Volume of water saved through water efficiency

Properties supplied by a single source of water

Internal flooding (incidents per 10000 properties)

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Contributor III

Re: Data model Issue

What is calculation for Task 2 ?

Contributor III

Re: Data model Issue

Do you required output as shown below,


or Any other output ?