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Data model !!!

Hi All,

         I have data fact date(November,December) in fact i have  RespondentID.

       And 2 dim tables are there which has  November, December data,in November data we have two types of info 1.saving and 2.two wheeler    ,and December data has same like as a November

and one more table is there which has consists QID()question id ) in that also we have saving info as well two wheeler info is there

please find attachments first 2 are detail data

can u pls pls help me how to create data model

pls fin attachment 

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Re: Data model !!!


Check both the SCRIPT and TABLE VIEWER from this attached file.

You will need to review the script (redefine key fields for example, fields, related concatenation etc..) to fit your model



Re: Data model !!!


Suneel we can help you, but you will never learn if we do the job for you.

this time could be easy but then you will have to do more difficult thing and your way to solve would be ask for help.

i recommend start reading and try to solve the problem you first, and then if you have any doubt we can help you without problems.

pleasy try to solve this or try to start thinkin which is the best solution

Good Luck


Re: Data model !!!

I have suggest you have to read about the data modelling, Joins and concatenation then you have learn how to make data model for this given tables.

Refer the below docs

Creating a Data Model

Loading Excel Data into QlikView