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Data quality within document

Hi all.

I'm looking for a way to loop through all the fields in a document and report on the data quality per field. Just looking to create a simple report showing how many records are populated per field and perhaps the number of distinct values per field. Does anyone know of a handy method or script code to use for this?


Mertin Strydom

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Re: Data quality within document

Perhaps System fields ‒ QlikView  and Table functions ‒ QlikView can help you here.

Honored Contributor II

Re: Data quality within document

I usually use the attached sheet and copy it into the application (similar to the links above)


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Re: Data quality within document

Wow, thanks, that looks very handy indeed. I think the ultimate solution I'm looking for is to get a view of all the data from a flat denormalized view, so that the max number of populated records per field has the potential to have the same count and then to see how many are not populated per field. Then one could go and investigate those.. I probably need to think this through a bit more, but what you've given me so far, is indeed handy, so big thanks!