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Dataload on different PCs

We encounter a problem with one kine of our PCs:

We have an application with 40 Mio data rows

We are using 11.20 IR, SR4 and SR5 desktop on Windows 7

The 2 kind of PCs have

- Intel Xeon Processor E5506 2,13 GHz 2 processor with 2*4 Cores and 24 GB RAM

- Intel i5 with 4 Cores and 8 GB RAM

The Xeon PC starts loading the data until lenn than half (15 Mio data rows), then stops and no further action (no other jobs are running)

The i5 PC loads alll 40 mio rows without a problem.

I even tried to define in taskmanager, that only 1 core should be used by Qlikview (upto SR4 the load was completed but took much longer as only 1 core was used). With SR5 this workaround doesnot work any more.

Any idea? We are trying to have the same Intel PCs for development, but I would be interested what might cause the problem with

our XEON.

By the way: Our server runs with Xeon ES 2660, 32 Cores, 2,2 GHz and 512 GB RAM, Windows Server without problems (server holds several Qlikview applications)

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Dataload on different PCs

Firstly you should have a look on the setting from "working set" if the max settings are too small.

Then you could look with a adjusted app (less fields) or other apps if you could re-produce similarities by time- or RAM-consumption. But I think the reason will rather be that you used a server cpu with a desktop os (not all kind of hardware will be supported) and/or there are unsuitable bios-settings like hyper threading or numa or with the communication between both core-sockets. Have a look on postings like this:  Quick tips #8 - Server Settings For Best Performance

- Marcus


Re: Dataload on different PCs

I got it,, our operation installed 11.20 IR in 64bit mode, while the following Service Releases where installed with 32bit (on a 64bit Windows 7 system).

So operation has to change the installation scripts