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Differences in data

Hi, i have an expression num(sum({$<MT_I={"Y"},[Product Group]=>}[Billable Boxes])/sum({$<[Product Group]=>} TOTAL <Customer,Month, [Product Group]> [Billable Boxes]),'0.0%') which will give me 9.3%.

But when i separate the expression which is the same. But the data is 9.8% instead of 9.3%


EX1 expression is num(sum({$<MT_I={"Y"},[Product Group]=>}[Billable Boxes]),'0.0%')

EX2 expression is num(sum({$<[Product Group]=>} TOTAL <Customer,Month, [Product Group]> [Billable Boxes]),'0.0%')


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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Differences in data

Both calculations are not the same if the expression-results for any part is 0 or NULL. I think if you used all 3 expressions within the object and adds some more granular dimensions to your table you will detect those data which cause the differences.

- Marcus