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Dimension Limits Not Working (Desktop vs Server)

I have a Dimension Limit on three seperate bar charts.  I have the limit to show only the top 5 larget and the rest go into the "Other" bucket.  When viewing this on the desktop developer everything works fine, the limits are in place.  After upload to the QV server only 1 of the 3 bar charts has the Dimension limits working.  Does anyone have any experience with issues like this?

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Re: Dimension Limits Not Working (Desktop vs Server)

try to test your application on Desktop with webview on.



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Re: Dimension Limits Not Working (Desktop vs Server)

Yes everything looked fine on webview.  The issue seems to be whenever it is loaded to the QV server.  I tried reloading the document and that did not work either. 

The only way i was able to fix this problem was to delete all associated files (QVW, QVD, .meta, .sharded files) and all tasks and delete the dashboard.  I then reuploaded the QVW and created all the same tasks and now the limits are working again.  Really confused about this as the QVW was the exact same QVW that was on there before deletion.